August 28, 2007

The Best Jamaican Ackee And Saltfish Recipe

½ pound of deboned codfish (also know as salt fish)
12 buds of ackees
1 onion diced finely
1 dash black pepper
½ teaspoon of thyme leaves
1 clove garlic diced finely
1 scotch bonnet pepper diced (don not include the seeds)
2 bell peppers (1 red and 1 green)
¼ cup of vegetable cooking oil

First you need to soak cod fish in fresh water to dilute the salted taste. To speed up the process you can boil the cod fish for about 5 minutes. It is imperative that you clean the ackees by washing, removing the seeds and the red pith in the ackee bud as the pith is very toxic. Wash the ackees well and place in a boiling pot and boil the ackees until they are relatively soft. Drain the water off the ackees and set aside. Remove the cod fish from the water and flake until small bits remain. Place all dry ingredients (except black pepper) in a sauce pan with a small amount of oil and saut̩ well. Remove some of the dry ingredients the add both ackees and cod fish. Saute for another 3 Р5 minutes then return the onions taken out earlier. Once cooked serve with Johnny cakes (otherwise known as fried dumplings), breadruit and or boiled bananas.

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